The 2022 Oscars took place on Friday June 17th. Please find below a list of all the categories, nominees and winners. Well done to all the participants.


Best Business

Top Three – Hill & Co, Violin Shop – Off Broadway Travel – Mimram Vets 

Winner – Off Broadway Travel


Top Spot for Shopping

Top Three – Essie and Betsy’s – Danesbury Charity Shop – Tesco

Winner – Essie & Betsy’s


Best Bar Person

Top Three – Freddy, White Hart – Jeremy, Rose & Crown – Stevie, Rose & Crown

Winner Stevie, Rose and Crown


Best Lunch – Eat in or Take Away

Top Three – Steamer Tai Restaurant – Vita – White Hart 

Winner – Vita


Best Waiting Team

Top Three – Rose & Crown – White Hart  - Vita

Winner – The White Hart


Top spot for a Makeover

Top three – No 15 – The Nail Bar – Welwyn Luxury Beauty

Winner – Welwyn Luxury Beauty


Best Pub

Top Three – White Horse – Rose & Crown – White Hart

Winner – Rose & Crown


Covid Saviour – Individual

Top Three – Paul and Annabel for maintaining and watering village flowers; Jeremy from Rose & Crown for the weekly ZOOM Quiz enjoyed by so many people; Tina representing both Katie’s Bakery and Lemon Plaice for delivering bread and fish and chips to people having to isolate throughout the pandemic.

Winner – Jeremy Rose & Crown


Best Eatery

Top Three – Vita – Steamer Thai Restaurant – White Hart 

Winner – The White Hart


Covid Saviour Groups

Top Three – Bridge Cottage Pharmacy for the Vaccine Rollout – Tesco Welwyn for always being open, for their always cheerful and charming customer service, for keeping everyone safe by implementing covid procedures; The Wellington for responding to the need to provide children with free lunches during the school holidays.

Winner – Tesco Welwyn Staff Team